Professional Search | Recruitment | Selection

In our recruitment and selection projects we take into consideration:

the organizational culture and structure, the strategy, the work environment, the context and the objectives of the organization/the company

the main purpose of the role

finding the desired match between the business needs and expectations of the organization/the company’s needs by filling the role

the candidates who are available, qualified and interested in the role and in making a/the professional change or a/the professional transformation, people who are selected and recommended through People Point and

the business contracts of the Parties involved.

Professional search | recruitment | selection

Professional Search | Recruitment | Selection

What to expect from us

business experience and proffesional expertise

proactivity and communication about factors that may influence and/or impact the smooth running of the project

attentivly to market trends, opportunities or risks, legal and economic aspects and other conditions that could be identified ad hoc

suitable candidates for your organization's needs who align with your company's culture and vision

leaders who inspire and share ideas, focus on collaboration and who can contribute with their qualities and expertise to the growth of your business

experts and specialists with growth potential to fill leadership roles you may develop in the future, so you reduce the need to hire again and again for every leadership role you may develop in the future


a services contract, a GDPR annex and an addendum for each position we recruit

4-6 weeks of working time from the signing of the contract and/or the addendum

3-5 proposed candidates/position

free replacement - one replacement/position

a personality test

a review of 2-3 referrals from former employers

the fee is a percentage of the selected candidate's annual income and is determined based on severalfactors